Ajourføring. Tilbage.

Som angivet på siden ”brugen at denne hjemmeside” og for at lette læsningen af teksterne, og eftersom ingen af dem er på et skandinavisk sprog, samt velvidende at engelsk er det hyppigste fremmedsprog, fremlægger vi en brugsanvisning af denne hjemmeside på engelsk, tilpasset med forkortelser på dansk.

For more information about the updates, click the last book, right off the shelf (after clicking "Adgang" on the home page).

This page informs you of the evolutions of this site.

December 06 - 2020 December 06 - 2020 -- ATTENTION. The site now has a new domain name :
livres-d-hermes.fr, which will gradually replace the old domain name : livres-d-hermes.com.
-- The old domain name will be maintained for one year, after which it will be deleted.
-- ATTENTION. -- Only the new site livres-d-hermes.fr will be updated from now on.

June - 29 - 2020 -- Today, ten new documents were added.

March - 02 - 2020 -- Today, thirteen new documents have been added, including Nicolas LEMERY's famous " Traité de Chymie. "

August - 05 - 2019 -- Today, two new documents were added.

March - 13 - 2019 -- Today, seven new documents were added.

March - 10 - 2016 -- Added support for the German, Spanish and Italian language.
Today, four new documents were added.

November - 18 - 2015 -- Added support for the Danish language.
Today, tree documents where added, of witch the "Musaeum Hermeticum".

September - 12 - 2015 -- Today, six new documents were added.

April - 13 - 2015 -- Today, ten new documents were added.

January - 28 - 2015 -- Today, sixteen new documents were added.

November - 24 - 2014 -- As I get a lot of disk space, i just added new books (not yet available in reading), but with references.
___ You now have a direct access to the works, from "Index of authors and titles books".
___ About reissues and books not yet converted, you will now have a picture of the title page, with the book references.

September - 01 - 2014 -- Activation of this new site.